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Stealth Bomb Records is a Canadian Independent Record Label specializing in Artist Management, Career Development, Tour Bookings & more. Established in 2013.

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Label Services

At Stealth Bomb Records we understand that all artists are different, and we provide a variety of unique label services to fit the needs of the individual artist. We operate as a fully functional record label, but our team specializes in artist management and career development. We have over 15 years experience in the industry, and we pride ourselves on our reputation for scouting, branding and breaking new artists. Check the resume.


Anybody can release music on their own these days but doing so properly takes years of experience. Our team handles all angles of digital & physical distribution, covering everything from music streaming to online physical pre-orders to vinyl and CD retail distribution, and everything in-between. Our goal is to make sure that your music gets discovered by as many eyes and ears as possible while providing you with complete support, communication and business transparency. Whatever your distribution needs, we got you covered.

Concert & Tour Bookings

We work with multiple in-house booking agents and concert promoters that have spent years building relationships and connections with talent buyers and music venues all around the world. Our booking services include, domestic and international tours, festivals, meet & greets, special events and other general appearances. Your fans want to see you and you deserve to be handled properly. We’re here to make sure that happens.

DSP Strategy & Play-listing

As you know, the music industry has changed dramatically over the past 10 years with the introduction of digital streaming platforms. Navigating these platforms can be tricky for some artists, but we know exactly what steps need to be taken to maximize your exposure and digital streaming revenue. Strategic digital rollouts, artist cross-promotion and playlist placements are just some of the services we provide in this field. 

Content Funding

We all know money can be tight for emerging artists, that’s why we offer a range of financial assistance programs. With our continued support from several private investors, sponsors, and government funded organizations, we’ve been able to acquire hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding and grants for our artists. It takes money to make money and we know where to find it.

Brand Development

One of the single most important aspects of being a successful musician is strategic branding. Creating a brand based on quality music and consistency is just the start. We can help you better understand your existing and target demographics and explain how to reach new fans by developing creative new methods to brand yourself. 

PR & Creative Placements

Our team works with several in-house publicists. Publicist services include written features, blogs, podcasts, interviews and other creative placements. We also encourage all of our artists to help promote each other through social media. Being a part of an exclusive team that supports one another makes all the difference. Our strength is in numbers. 

Creative Services

One of the benefits of working with Stealth Bomb Records is having access to our extensive list of creative resources. We work closely with some of the country’s top recording studios, audio engineers, music video directors and editors, photographers, VFX engineers, graphic designers, website designers & merchandise manufacturers. Whatever you need, we have a guy for that. 

New Revenue Streams

The most obvious sources of revenue for a musician are music sales & streams, touring, and merchandise, and generally that is all an artist will focus on. We have a vast understanding of this business and how to generate additional income with little to no effort. There is so much extra money out there for you, you just need to know where to look.

Stealth Bomb Records

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Stealth Bomb Records

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