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Stealth Bomb Records is a Canadian Independent Record Label specializing in Artist Management, Career Development, Tour Bookings & more. Established in 2013.

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Stealth Bomb Relaunch

Stealth Bomb Relaunch

As you can imagine, the music industry has had some setbacks this year. Everything from albums being pushed back, to tours being canceled and international shipping freezing the movement of merchandise. These difficulties can often be harder on independent artists but, for Stealth Bomb Records, those difficulties have also been opportunities for us to adapt. And adapt we have. Throughout this past spring, we’ve taken this quarantine time to revamp our site, scout some new talent, and get reacquainted with some of our frequent collaborators. We’ve assembled ten of the countries premier upcoming musicians to form the next wave of entertainment.

So far this year has been a slow trickle of singles and videos for us but, the true Stealth Bomb season is about to unfold. Much of our roster is already plotting to release full projects before the year is out. We will keep all the fans up to date regarding shows and touring as the world continues to recover. We all look forward to rocking shows and traveling again. We’ve gotten here because of our one of a kind fan base and we miss meeting and sharing our music with all of you face to face.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the official Stealth Bomb Records Spotify playlist and keep your eyes peeled for what’s next. We’re just getting started. Music. Tours. Merch. Other top-notch sh*t we can’t tell you about. Stealth Bomb 2020 is here.

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